Sunday, February 18, 2007

I'm bored... the chant of the noncreative

I have a pet hate - well I've got more than one, but today this one is my bugbear.

I do not understand how anyone with free access to books, pen and paper, time and/or music or art or things that make a mark can possibly become bored.

I have two kids, you've met one of them already. The other is 16 and full of testosterone and loves to ride a motorbike and write and do things on the net. I have encountered a couple of other kids at close quarters, about the same age. They all say without a moment's hesitation that they are 'bored'. This is despite free access to all the entertainment of TV, internet, video, DVD, music, plus the Great Outdoors - and all that I have listed above.

Yet, they are B O R E D.

How on EARTH can you be bored when there is all THIS to be engaged with?? I don't understand!

I can remember when I was about 12 my mother said to someone 'I don't know how kids can be bored, my two are never bored' - well apart from the hours we seemed to spend doing housework and going to church, I can't actually remember being bored. There were always things to do - read a book, draw a picture, write a story, listen to music, talk to a friend, dance, play the piano - is there a theme happening here?

What I notice is that all of these things require a sense of curiosity, can be done alone, demand concentration, involve creativity and imagination - and don't involve a computer cable!

Here is my thought for the day: It is impossible to be bored unless you lack the ability to be creative. Or to put it another way, a bored mind is a boring mind.


Sylvia said...

Bored---you've touched upon one of my peeves! Too many electronics, not enough learning the beauty of one's brain and imagination. I blame television, as I was raised without one and look Ma! No boredom!

There's too much emphasis on creativity having to 'lead somewhere' (towards making money) as if being creative were not an inate gift for everyone with a brain. Creativity has beome another entity of competition---and I am blathering so I'll stop!

Adiemus said...

Not blathering, no way! that's what these blogs are all about. I did have TV as a kid, but not very much. And anyway I read and drew and danced and played the piano, and otherwise kept myself occupied. I was raised with the idea that being creative should lead to 'something productive' an 'output' - but to me, now, it's the process of doing that means more. And somehow, by doing I make more beautiful things!