Thursday, September 13, 2007

Seeing when you look

It's been said so often that it's probably a truism that once a person has a camera, all of a sudden everything they see is a photograph. With the lack of limits of a digital camera it's oh so easy to snap away without having to spend time on an image.
It was so different when 24 little exposures was all that was available - I can get 250 something on my 2GB card!! And some of them are even worth keeping! I don't know, but I think my 'hit rate' is much better with digital, or is it that I've learned to take risks and be creative?

I'm not sure of the process that happens when I've got my camera out, but something switches on and suddenly what I am looking at becomes something else. All colours and angles and textures...
I love this process - the little motifs, the scenes, that moment, that story, NOW that that's zen...

And for me it doesn't stop then either - going back home, downloading (like Christmas goodies!), then spending time pondering and considering and playing with that image to bring out what it can say. Often the end image says something completely different from what it communicated the moment I released the shutter.
The time spent doing this is totally meditative for me - no words, no rules, just appreciating tone, colour, texture and form.
That's seeing when you look.

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lolly said...

That's what it's all about -- having fun and not worrying about how many shots you've got left on your roll of 24 (which is what I used to do) -- the freedom to just get into the moment and shoot away ... Of course, the better images come from using one's intuition as well as one's photographic/technical skill in combination; you can't really get a great image without either element, and then there comes the editing process, but that's another story ... Keep on, adiemus, I've seen some wonderful shots from you on your aminus website.