Sunday, August 19, 2007

Serenity and poise

I am not known for serenity and detachment - I think I'm one of the world's more reactive people! I like to BE in the moment and feel and express my emotions.
To touch another person with my passion -
To be fully present - involved

While I love the concept of zen and simplicity and maintaining eternal poise and serenity, I think I am more like a willow whip or bamboo or even silk, something that moves and bends and gets energised by things.

To remain detached must I think mean a loss of involvement somehow.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but even while I'm taking photographs, something of the moment must touch me - my emotions are engaged, my sense of who I am is heightened by recognising the element in that particular scene that touched something of me.


[jm.n] said...

Zen is about living in the moment, feeling the feelings, but trying not to allow them to get in the way of seeing objectively, of seeing the essence/heart of the matter and not affecting your judgment adversely. This is the simplest explanation of a subject that is quite complex. Hope you get the drift, tho'.

Some of your images are Zen-like, as I've mentioned before, as you can see the 'essence', which is very Zen-like! You're a natural! All creative people have that capacity, some more than others, depending on your level of emotional maturity, and from experiences that teach you things.

Your sand images are clean/simple, well structured, creative, and that one wants to look at again and again.

Adiemus said...

Thank you so much!