Wednesday, July 18, 2007


While I'm not mad keen on the chill of winter, especially the bleak, grim grey of an overcast Canterbury day, there are parts of it that I love. I love the crisp blue of a frosty morning; I love wrapping up in layers of sensual, soft fabric; the comfort food and red wine; fires and warm beds - yes there is plenty to love!
These shots are from our trip to Cromwell, which is in the middle/lower half of the South Island, NZ. A whole countryside of contrasts! These two shots, however, display that hard, deep cold that slows the mind and body and makes me dream of indoor pursuits and tropical holidays...

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Howard Grill said...

Beautiful shots. I particularly like the first one with more of the sky cropped out. And in that one the bland sky works with the image given all the white frost. That one is really quite stunning.