Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Stumbleupon and other things

I did a wonderful stumble today - can't remember exactly how I found it, but I found a really good web site on composition and other photographic basics. It's http://www.prime-junta.net/pont/Photography_lessons/a_about/_Teaching_composition.html and has some really great things on it.

I'd had a crappy photo-taking day, no 'inspiration', photos looked horrid - I think what's happening is that I'm miles more critical than I used to be, so what I used to think was 'ok' I'm not satisfied with, and I'm trying to be more creative and discriminating, and of course, it's harder. So this was a refreshing place to find. Back to basics.

And as for Stumbleupon - I suppose I've forgotten to go back and visit - I have to say I love SU, it has some GREAT ways to find interesting sites, and when I'm in the mood and lacking inspiration, lots of ways to generate the spark again!

This, by the way, is my son. He needs no modification to look devilish, the cat, however, did.

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